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The Internet of Things

There is no question that the future is “The Internet of Things, IoT for Kids". While the concept may seem complex, the basics of IoT are pretty simple. Objects that we interact with everyday (including phones, watches, thermostats, speakers, lightbulbs, etc) are all connected to the internet. This allows them to communicate with us, with each other, and add in a little machine learning, you’ve got a system of interconnected devices that help make your life simpler. Homes are getting smarter and the IoT device list is ever increasing, but so is the opportunity as a parent to help your kids learn from and grow with them.

IoT for School Students

Not that we want to imagine our kids’ future careers right off the bat, but it’s pretty cool that so many companies are jumping on board with teaching school students to code. Even devices like Amazon’s Alexa might one day be able to teach you a foreign language.  Imagine life before Google, and the ability to go from question to reasonably researched answer within seconds. Now imagine that our children are growing up in a world where information is not only readily available, but accessible no matter your location. The Internet was just the beginning, now we have an entire Internet, of things. There are so many devices to help you and your kids stay connected, healthy and safe.

The Internet of Things has even made toys smart. A connected toy means that your child’s experience is dynamic, ever-changing, and will only keep getting better thanks to software updates. This technology is enabling children to construct, play, and even code their own content into toys.

Key Benefits
  • Better scope for a future Data scientist

  • Better learning for creators each day

  • Better encouragement

  • A User-friendly programming language

  • Affordable option of learning

  • Better Career opportunities

  • A better understanding of business strategies

  • Safe and secure learning Environment

  • The mobile Era

  • The better way to survive and flourish

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:


Interpret the vision of IoT from a global context.


Determine the Market perspective of IoT.


Implement state of the art architecture in IoT.

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