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Data Science

Data science is the study of data. It involves developing methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data to effectively extract useful information. The goal of data science is to gain insights and knowledge from any type of data — both structured and unstructured.

Data science is related to computer science, but is a separate field. Computer science involves creating programs and algorithms to record and process data, while data science covers any type of data analysis, which may or may not use computers. Data science is more closely related to the mathematics field of Statistics, which includes the collection, organization, analysis, and presentation of data.

Data Science for School Students

If science explains how the world works, data science uses data to draw insights and solve problems around us. Every day, kids are surrounded by data: game scores, sports leader-boards, test results, M&M’s, and so on! Just like playing guess their favourite colours in a bag of M&M’s, many kids already have a natural affinity to sort physical objects and make pictorial representations (or drawings) of their observations.


Our Data Science course for School Students is a first-of-its-kind workshop in Australia designed to advance the essential analytical skills students need to become experts in data organization, visualization and critical thinking. In this course, students will play with data in fun, engaging ways using various programming languages and tools such as Python, Excel charts, Pandas, NumPys, etc. Just as having more facts in hand can help us make more informed decisions, mastering Data Science from an early age can build one’s logical thinking capabilities and reasoning capabilities—that can help our future generation stay cutting edge in tomorrow’s digital world.

Key Benefits
  • While computer programming is more task-oriented with specific functionalities in mind, Data Science is more discovery oriented. Data Scientists make discoveries while playing around with data which can be fun and empowering.

  • It is not just a popular career choice. Data Science is a way of thinking which can be used in everyday life, and strengthen students' mathematical, statistical, logical and reasoning skills.

  • Mastering Data Science early on in life complements every child's maths and science lessons. A subset of Computer Science, Data Science is a great way to venture into coding as a career, and holds longer-term and larger employment opportunities in future.

Learning Outcomes


Students learn the importance of collecting, cleaning and analyzing data sets to draw meaningful insights.


Help Students to analyze and visualize data for making better decisions using a popular programming language: Python.


Students are exposed to different types of pictorial representations of data to discover useful information.

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