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Interested in Cybersecurity, but not sure where to start? Cyber Train Internship Program might be the one you are looking for.

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s radar at the moment due to tough regulations (such as GDPR) around security and privacy. Any breach can be quite costly for organizations. As a result, a lot of organizations are investing in their security infrastructure and more importantly in the staff training as the attacks are increasingly being originated from within the networks. Get the training you need to safeguard any network against debilitating cyber attacks by enrolling in a range of courses offered by Cyber Train through our internship program and become the highly-skilled security professional in the area of cyber security.

Applications are open for internships with work experience in Cybersecurity
Why Cybersecurity?
A job that never gets boring
Easy to move into this field
Highly demanded area
Highly paid
Plenty of opportunities
Mathematics is not a concern
Unlimited potential for personal growth
A chance to work with top class organizations
Our Cybersecurity internship program comes with two levels of work-based training


Beginner level must be completed


Face-to-face, online or blended


Beginner level must be completed


Beginner level must be completed


Beginner level must be completed


Intermediate level must be completed


Face-to-face, online or blended

Key Job Roles (CASP+)

Cybersecurity Manager

Security Architect

Technical Lead Analyst 

Application Security Engineer

Security Engineer


12-15 Months


Basic networking and IT skills are desirable


Face-to-face, online or blended

Industry Certifications

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+

CompTIA Pentest+

Key Job Roles (SOC Analyst)

Triage Specialists

Incident Responders

Threat Hunters

Key Job Roles (Pen Tester)

Penetration Tester
Vulnerability Tester
Tier 1 Security Analyst
Bug Bounty Hunter
Mobile and Web Application Penetration Tester


18-24 Months


Standard level must be completed or equivalent skills and experience


Face-to-face, online or blended

Industry Certifications

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v11

CompTIA Advanced Security  Professional (CASP+)

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)

Key Job Roles SOC Manager

Security Architect

SOC Manager

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Security Engineer

Professional approach to learn Cybersecurity

Learn to protect your business data from breaches because information security is the immune system in the body of business.

Improve your skills and enhance your credentials

Our Traineeship Program is aimed at producing skilled and trained Cybersecurity Professionals. We are currently seeking partnerships with the industry. If you are an employer and would like to acquire skilled and trained security professionals then Enquire Now.

Target Audience

Anyone switching to Cybersecurity

Technically minded with an investigative approach

To obtain recognized and verifiable work experience

Start a career as Security Analyst

Start a career as Penetration Tester

Start a career as an Ethical Hacker

Successful program completion comes with:

Course completion certificate

Work experience certificate

Reference letter

Industry exams preparation

Official study material

Labs access

Flipped classroom with recorded lecture


Exam vouchers

Mentoring and coaching

Free consultation including career advice, LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter and interview techniques

Learning Outcomes

Confidently perform day-to-day cybersecurity tasks such as:

Network troubleshooting

Network devices hardening
Firewall configuration and maintenance including proxies and load balancers
PowerShell and bash scripting

Python programming

Windows and Linux command-line basics with hardening techniques
Real life scenarios
Ethical hacking

Network scanning

Pentesting of web applications, wireless networks, firewalls, end-user devices

Understanding Cyberkill Chain

Chain of Custody

Laws relevant to Cybersecurity

Cyber Hygiene

Cyber Awareness

Blue team, Red team, Purple team exercises

Vulnerability Scanning

Capture and Analyze security-related data using tools like Splunk and ELK 

Understand the processes and workflows involved in a SOC

Understanding of Hardware and Software tools required in a SOC

Report Writing

Communication Skills

Effectively conducting Cybersecurity data analysis such as Aggregation, Correlation and Normalization of logs

Security Incident Handling

Understanding and using Play books

Maintain and update Cybersecurity-related documentation as required

Work effectively as part of a Cybersecurity team (Security Analyst, Penetration Tester, Vulnerability Scanner, Security Engineer, Threat Intelligence Analyst, Security Consultant, System Administrator and Network Administrator)

Mentoring and assistance to confidently apply for roles in a Security Operations Center

Pathways to further learning and advanced penetration testing

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